Impression of graduation project by Gavin Jonkman
Poings en l'air
Poings en l'air

Gavin Jonkman, Dutch

Artist statement

My work is about unstable situations, about transformations where change is possible. It is loud, dirty, brash and ironic with the subjectivity of daily life as its main inspiration. The directness of the paintings and the gesture of drawing combines a strong poetic sense with an element of social criticism.

Leflaur Leflah Eshkoshka
Graduation Project

In my work the spectator always appears late to the party; the story has already been told and the punchline already delivered. The situations I create reinterpret the banality of the everyday and undermine a clear distinction between fiction and reality. A world of its own evolves utilizing an internal logic and intuition. At first the work seems simple and funny but subsequently hides multiple layers of meaning.

I am Roffa

In search of me, myself and I.